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Vice Premier Wu Yi Talks By Phone With US Health Minister on SARS

2004-06-02 14:06

On May 6, 2003, Vice Premier and Health Minister Wu Yi exchanged views by phone with Tommy G. Thompson, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, on strengthening the two nations' cooperation in prevention and treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Thompson expressed his sympathy and solicitude to the Chinese people who are going all out to fight against SARS, and spoke highly of the Chinese Government's measures to contain the disease.   He said China's experience in combating SARS is of great significance to other countries, and the US side is willing to offer full cooperation with China by providing any support and assistance possible to find an effective way to prevent and treat the epidemic as soon as possible.

Wu said that in face of the unexpected disaster, the Chinese people are standing united and doing their utmost to stem the epidemic. Always placing people's health and lives above everything else, Chinese leaders and the Chinese Government have taken a series of resolute measures, including setting up a national SARS prevention and treatment headquarters, adding SARS to the list of infectious diseases specified by law so as to deal with it forcefully, and earmarking a special fund for impoverished victims. On the whole, the measures have produced some effects, but she warned that the current situation is still grave and more arduous efforts have to be made before final victory can be claimed. The Chinese Government and people have confidence and capability as well to win the battle. The disease is a foe to all mankind, and if it is to be defeated globally, exchanges and cooperation must be strengthened among all countries.

Wu said that China and the United States should further strengthen their exchanges and cooperation in this area.

Wu said the central government is very much concerned about the health of Taiwan compatriots and the epidemic situation on the island. Professional health organizations in Taiwan have sent specialists to the mainland to study and attend relevant meetings. Taiwan has easy access to health information. As part of China, Taiwan is not qualified to join the World Health Organization, which can be joined only by sovereign countries.

(from www.fmprc.gov.cn )

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