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Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (8)


 To advance an all-round development of man is the precondition  for and the basis of boosting economic and cultural development  and improving the material and cultural life of the people, and  vice versa. The more comprehensively people develop, the more  material and cultural wealth they will create for society and the  better the people's life will be. Conversely, the more adequate  the material and cultural life is, the better man will achieve his all-round development. The development of social productive forces, the economy and culture is a historical process of gradual and  endless progress. All-round human development, too, is a  historical process of gradual and endless progress. The two  processes should interact and help each other forward.
 Given the new situation, we must continue, on the basis of  economic development, to press ahead with the modernization of our national defense and the armed forces, and build up our defense  capability with a view to safeguarding our state security and  national unity. It is essential to adhere to the fundamental  principle of the Party's absolute leadership over the army.  We  should meet the general requirements of building the armed forces  that are "qualified politically and competent militarily and has a fine style of work, strict discipline and adequate logistic  support", and follow the military strategy for the new era as our  overriding guideline. We should stress the quality of army- building and strengthen our armed forces by relying on science and technology and run the army according to law in an effort to build the People's Liberation Army (PLA) into a strong, modern and  revolutionary regular army. We should strengthen the building of  our national defense reserves, develop the science, technology and industry of national defense and improve the system of national  defense mobilization. We should also continue to consolidate and  reinforce the unity between the army and the government, and that  between the army and the people.  
 Comrades and Friends,
 Ever since its founding, the Chinese Communist Party has all  along held high the great banner of patriotism and waged an epic  struggle for the unity and rejuvenation of the country. Since New  China came into being, the Chinese communists of several  generations have all made unremitting efforts toward the complete  reunification of our motherland.  Under the principle of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems", we have successfully  resolved the questions of Hong Kong and Macao, both left over from history, and are working hard to seek an early solution to the  question of Taiwan and to accomplish the great cause of national  reunification. The status of Taiwan as a part of China shall in no way be allowed to change. The Chinese communists are rock firm in  their resolve to safeguard state sovereignty and territorial  integrity. While we do have the greatest sincerity to work for a  peaceful reunification, we cannot and will not undertake to  renounce the use of force. We are fully capable of checking any  attempt to split China by seeking Taiwan's "independence". It is  the bounden duty of the Chinese communists to end the state of  separation between Taiwan and China's mainland and achieve the  complete reunification of China. Here I appeal to all our  compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and to those  overseas: Let's unite and fight against separatism and continue to bring forward the cross-Straits relations and the process of  peaceful reunification of the motherland. The complete  reunification of China represents the aspirations of the people  and is a historical trend that no one and no force could stop.  
 Comrades and Friends,
 The world needs peace. The people want cooperation. Nations  aspire for development. Society seeks progress. This is the trend  of our times. In the last century, mankind underwent the scourge  of two world wars and endured the hardships of the Cold War and  confrontation, thus paying a heavy price.  The people of China and of all other countries hate to see any new hot war or cold war or  turmoil break out in any part of the world, hate to see any  country or group of countries pushing hegemonism and power  politics and hate to see any further widening of the development  gap between North and South or the gap between the rich and the  poor. The people of China and the rest of the world all long for a lasting world peace and for a stable and peaceful life. They  aspire for a fair and rational new international order and for  democracy in international relations. They yearn for common  development and prosperity for all and are willing to work  together for a better future.
 Peace and development are the themes of our times. World multi- polarization and economic globalization are developing despite  twists and turns. Science and technology are advancing rapidly.  Competition in terms of overall national strength is becoming  increasingly fierce. New and profound changes are taking place in  the world alignment of forces and the distribution of interests.   Up to now, neither of the two questions, i.e., peace and  development, has been resolved. The world we live in is still far  from tranquil. Peace and development complement each other. World  peace is the precondition for enhanced common development of all  countries whereas such common development is an important basis  for the preservation of world peace. The questions of peace and  development are in essence the question of North and South. If  developed countries can effectively support and assist developing  countries in their economic and cultural development under the  principle of equality, justice, reciprocity and mutual benefit and help the latter shake off poverty as soon as possible, there will  be an important foundation for the settlement of the issues of  peace and development.
 Along with all the peace- and freedom-loving people in the  world, the Communist Party and people of China have always worked  for the lofty cause of promoting world peace and development.  In  the world's great struggle against Fascism, in the sacred cause of the Asian, African and Latin American people fighting for national independence and liberation, and in the tireless efforts to  promote the establishment of a fair and rational new international order, we have always stood on the side of justice and worked in  unity with the people of all countries and all the progressive  forces in the world.
 In the new century, the Communist Party and Government of China stand ready to join hands with all countries and peoples who love  peace and crave for development and progress so as to secure an  international environment of lasting peace in a common endeavor to push forward the wheel of history toward the magnificent goal.
 The purposes of China's foreign policy are to safeguard world  peace and promote common development.  We adhere to an independent foreign policy of peace.  We have carried out friendly exchanges  and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries and treated one another as equals on the basis of the Five Principles of  Peaceful Coexistence in a ceaseless effort to advance the cause of human progress.  The Chinese Communist Party will, under the  principles of independence, total equality, mutual respect and non- interference in each other's internal affairs, conduct extensive  exchanges and strengthen cooperation with all political parties  and organizations in the world and further promote friendship  between the peoples and development of relations between states.  
 We have all along maintained that countries should abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the universally  recognized basic norms governing international relations, the  affairs of a country should be decided by the government and  people of that country and that matters in the world should be  handled by the governments and people of all countries through  consultations on the basis of equality.  We oppose hegemonism and  power politics of all forms.  The international community needs to set up a new security concept with mutual trust, mutual benefit,  equality and collaboration at its core and work to create a  peaceful international environment of long-term stability and  security.  Countries should step up their economic and technical  exchanges and cooperation and gradually transform the inequitable  and irrational international economic order so that all will win  and coexist as a result of economic globalization.
 Our world is rich and colorful.  The diversity of civilizations is the basic feature of human society and also the driving force  behind the progress of human civilization.  Respect should be  given to the history, culture, social system and mode of  development of each individual country.  Diversity of the world is a reality that should be recognized.  Different civilizations and  social systems should enjoy long-term coexistence and draw upon  and benefit from each other in the process of competition and  comparison and achieve common development while seeking common  ground and shelving differences.  We will continue to work with  the people of all countries for a world of lasting peace and  universal prosperity.  

 Comrades and Friends!
 Every struggle that the Chinese people fought during the one  hundred years from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century was for  the sake of achieving independence of our country and liberation  of our nation and putting an end to the history of national  humiliation once and for all.  This great historic cause has  already been accomplished.  All endeavors by the Chinese people  for the one hundred years from the mid-20th to the mid-21st  century are for the purpose of making our motherland strong, the  people prosperous and the nation immensely rejuvenated.  Our Party has led the entire Chinese people in carrying forward this  historic cause for fifty years and made tremendous progress, and  it will successfully attain the objective through hard work in the coming fifty years.
 The young people of all ethnic groups in China represent the  future of our country and nation and the hope for prosperity and  development of our cause.  It calls for your efforts, young people, to accomplish the grand cause of socialist modernization and the  great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  The Party and people  have ardent expectations of you.  It is hoped that you love your  country and your people, stand high and aim far, broaden your  vision and give full play to your intelligence and wisdom on the  broad arena of reform, opening-up and the modernization drive.   You will demonstrate the value of your life and work hard to score accomplishments, thus living up to the expectations of the people  and the times.
 All that we have achieved has gone down in the annals of  history.  There is still a long way to go.  The realization of  truth is a process of continued progress, so is the changing of  the world.  We shall work unremittingly in pursuit of truth and  fight for truth.  Under no circumstances should all comrades of  the Party stand still and refuse to move forward, nor should they  fear hardship and difficulties.  All comrades must closely unite  with the people of all ethnic groups in China and strive to build  our great motherland into a strong, prosperous, democratic and  culturally advanced modern socialist country so as to make new and even greater contributions to humanity.
 Long live our great motherland!
 Long live the great Chinese people!
 Long live the great Communist Party of China!   Enditem

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