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Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (7)


 That the Party must handle Party affairs and be strict in Party discipline  is an important guarantee for the maintenance of the Party's progressiveness  and purity and for the consolidation of its status as the ruling party.  State affairs cannot be well managed without good Party building. So we  must be strict in Party discipline. We should have a deeper understanding  of the loss of political power by some Communist parties in the world  that had long been ruling parties and learn a lesson from them. The longer  the Party is in power , the more necessary it is for the Party to strengthen  self-improvement, and the stricter it should be with its members and  cadres.
 Strictness in Party discipline must be implemented in Party building  in ideological, political and organizational fields as well as work style  and must be truly reflected in all the aspects of education , management  and supervision of Party organizations at all levels, all the Party members  and cadres. All the Party organizations and members should act in strict  compliance with the Party Constitution and other regulations of the Party  and observe Party discipline to the letter. Leading cadres at all levels  should, while behaving with dignity and making self-examination,self-warning  and self-encouragement, always stress study,political awareness and  integrity. They should often use criticism and self-criticism as a weapon  in waging active ideological struggles and adhere to truth while rectifying  mistakes. Party organizations at all levels should strengthen their capability  of dissolving their own contradictions, face squarely at and settle existing  problems and never avoid or whitewash them.
 The Party's work style bears on the image of the Party, the trend  of public feeling and the life of the Party. It is essential to strengthen  in an all-round way the development of the Party's ideological style,  study style , work style , leadership style and the cadres' life style.  In light of the new realities ,it is necessary to carry forward the Party's  fine style, namely ,integration of theory with practice , close link  with the people and criticism and self-criticism. In the meantime , it  is necessary to foster a new style on the basis of summing up new and  practical experiences. All practices that run counter to the requirement  of the development of the Party's cause or the interests of the people  should be resolutely removed. At present,special attention should be  paid to overcoming the state of lethargy and seeking no progress, doing  away with the grave alienation from the people and standing firmly against  the unhealthy tendency of formalism and bureaucracy. Cadres at all levels  must stress practicability and real effects at all times and on all occasions,  work with a creative spirit , think and worry about what the people think  and worry about , and work faithfully for the good of the people.
 All the comrades in the Party must fully recognize, from the perspective  of life and death of the Party and the state, the major significance  of our fight against corruption and advocacy for clean governance and  see through the development of Party's style, the building of a clean  government and the battle against corruption. It is essential to have  a profound understanding of the long-term , arduous and complex nature  of the work against corruption. Not only is it necessary to be prepared  for protracted battles, but also intensify our efforts to address the  current issues. We should adhere to the policy of a comprehensive approach  to seek both a temporary solution and a permanent cure and build a solid  protective dam ideologically against corruption and erosion. At the same  time, we should strive to remove the soil and conditions for the occurrence  of corruption through creative institutional measures and work harder  to prevent and get rid of corruption at its root. The power in our hands  is given by the people. Cadres at all levels are public servants of the  people and must be subjected to the supervision by the people and the  law. We should, through increased supervision within the Party , by  the law and by the people , establish and improve a restrictive mechanism  and a supervisory mechanism on the exercise of power in accordance with  the law. The key to it is the supervision over leading cadres to ensure  that they exercise their power appropriately. All the Party members ,  the leading cadres in particular, must always be clean , honest and  just. They must be able to withstand the test of reform , opening up  and being in power, as well as the test of power , money and badger  games. They will by no means be allowed to abuse power for personal gains, take bribes or bend the law. Party organizations and leading cadres at  all levels must take a clear stand to oppose corruption. All practices  of corruption and corrupt elements shall be found out through investigation  without tolerance or lenience. The Party does not allow any hideout for  corrupt elements within the Party. We must win the people's confidence  with tangible achievements in the building of the Party's style and of  a clean government.
 All in all, in view of the heavy historical responsibility upon our  shoulder and given the impact of international and domestic complexities  as well as the test of various risks, it is imperative to constantly  strengthen and improve the Party building and temper all Party members  into firm Communists. This will enable our Party to forever remain the  vanguard of the Chinese working class and that of the Chinese people and  Chinese nation at the same time , faithfully represent the development  trend of China 's advanced productive forces, the orientation of China's  advanced culture as well as the fundamental interests of the overwhelming  majority of the Chinese people, and serve as the leadership core for  the Chinese socialist cause.
 IV. Continue to strive for the fulfillment of the basic line and historic  mission of the Party
 China has entered a new development stage of building a well-to- do  society in the whole country and accelerating the socialist modernization  drive. All comrades in the Party must be mindful of danger and stay prepared  for adversities in times of peace , guard against conceit and impetuosity,  continue to push for overall progress in reform , opening-up and the  modernization drive and make vigorous efforts to initially achieve socialist  modernization by the middle of this century.
 The program of a political party is a banner. In every historical  stage , be it one of revolution, reconstruction or reform , our Party  has never failed to have both a basic program for a given stage , namely,  the minimum program , and the maximum program of long-term objectives.  We believe in the unity of the minimum and maximum programs.
 We firmly believe in the basic Marxist tenet that human society will  inevitably move towards communism. Communism can only be realized on the  basis of a fully developed and highly advanced socialist society. In the  communist society , there will be abundant material wealth , and people  will have a very high realm of thought and be able to develop themselves  freely and in an all- round way. It must be pointed out , though , that  the realization of communism will be an extremely protracted historical  process. In the past, our understanding of this issue was quite superficial  and simplistic. As a result of so many years of practice, our understanding  of the issue today is much more comprehensive and profound. We may make  scientific predictions about the direction in which human society may  evolve in the future. But as for how things will develop specifically  in the future , the answer to this question should come from practice  in the future. We must never deviate from the correct course of progress,  but it is neither possible nor necessary to envisage or describe in great  details the development course in the distant future. The past experience  has fully proven that it will easily lead to unrealistic fantasy. This  is something that everyone ought to know full well.
 All comrades in the Party should set up a lofty communist ideal , fortify their conviction and spur themselves on by holding to lofty ideological  and moral standards. More importantly , they should make unremitting  efforts in a down-to-earth manner to realize the Party's basic program  for the current stage and put their heart into each single piece of work  now. To care about the immediate interests only while forgetting the lofty  ideal will result in the loss of direction of progress. But to talk big  about the lofty ideal without doing any practical work will get one divorced  from reality.
 China is now in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so  for a long time to come. This is the initial stage of the long historical  process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Along with  economic development and all-round social progress, the building of socialism  in China will enter a higher stage of development when conditions are  ripe. All comrades must unswervingly implement the Party's basic line  for the primary stage of socialism, consistently concentrate on economic  development , stick to the Four Cardinal Principles(keeping to the socialist  road and upholding the people's democratic dictatorship , leadership  by the Communist Party, and Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought Tr.),  press ahead with reform and opening-up, strive for the realization of  the basic program of the Party for the present stage and constantly advance  the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics into the  future.
 In keeping with the economic, political and cultural requirements  of building socialism with Chinese characteristics,all comrades in the  Party and all people in the country should strive to achieve the development  goals set for the Tenth Five- Year Plan. We should focus on development  through economic restructuring and by relying on reform , opening-up  and scientific and technological progress with a view to improving people's  living standards and constantly pushing for economic growth and social  progress. Efforts should be made to properly balance the relations among  reform, development and stability, correctly understand and handle the  contradictions among the people and always maintain social stability and  unity.
 All undertakings to build socialism with Chinese characteristics,  and in fact , everything that we do should aim not just at meeting people's  immediate material and cultural needs ,but also at improving the qualities  of the people or an all-round development of the people. This is the essential  requirement of Marxism regarding the building of a new socialist society.  We will constantly advance the all-round development of human beings based  on a higher level of the material and spiritual civilization of the socialist  society.
 Efforts must be made to enable all people across the country to lead  a well-to-do life as soon as possible and to continue to uplift their  living standards. The Party's policy to get the population rich must be  adhered to. On the basis of economic growth , efforts should be made  to increase income for urban and rural residents, constantly improve  their living conditions ,including food, clothing , housing, transport  and daily necessities ,improve the social security system, and medical  and health facilities , with a view to bettering their life. When some  people and some regions get rich first, others will be brought along  and through this process, common prosperity of the entire population  will be gradually achieved.
 It is essential to give full play to the initiative and great creativity  of the general public and ensure that they properly manage their own affairs  according to law and realize their aspirations and interests. It is necessary  to continue to press ahead with the political restructuring , develop  socialist democracy , improve the socialist legal system and ensure the  full exercise by the people of their rights to democratic election,decision-making,  administration and supervision.
 Efforts should be made to upgrade the ideological and ethical standards  of the entire people, improve their cultural and scientific levels and  bring about an all-round development of their ideology and cultural life.  We should conduct effective political education , develop education,  science and technology,enliven socialist culture and ensure each and  every individual full access to education and cultural achievements so  as to enrich their spiritual ethos and diversify their cultural life.
 It is necessary to enhance balance and harmony between man and nature  so that people can work and live in a sound and beautiful ecological environment.  We will adhere to the strategy of sustainable development and correctly  handle the relations between economic development on the one hand and  population, resources and the environment on the other , improve the  eco-system and beautify the living environment, and improve public and  social welfare facilities. We will try to pioneer a path of civilized  development featuring a thriving economy, an affluent life and a sound  eco- system.(more)  

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