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Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (5)


Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (5)
2001.07.01 19:21:04  

All comrades in the Party should proceed from the new realities and, in the spirit of reform, study and solve major theoretical  and practical issues in Party building, so as to enable it to  retain progressiveness and purity, and be full of creativity,  cohesiveness, and fighting power.
To meet the requirements of the "Three Represent's," we must  uphold the Party's ideological line of emancipating our minds and  seeking truth from facts. We must carry forward and promote the  spirit of practicality, truth-seeking and courage in innovation.  We must go about all the work of the Party and the state  creatively and keep enriching and developing Marxism in practice.
Marxism is the fundamental guiding principle for the  consolidation of the Party and the development of the country. It  also constitutes the common theoretical foundation of the  concerted efforts of the people of all ethnic groups. The  fundamental tenets of Marxism must never be abandoned, otherwise,  we would get lost or come to failure in the pursuit of our cause  due to a lack of a correct theoretical basis and ideological soul. That explains why we must always uphold the basic tenets of  Marxism. In terms of theory, Marxism develops with the times. If  we dogmatically cling to some individual theses and specific  programs of action formulated for a special situation by authors  of Marxist classics in the specific historical conditions in spite of the changes in historical conditions and present realities,  then we will have difficulty in forging ahead smoothly and we may  even make mistakes because our thinking is divorced from reality.  That is one reason why we have remained opposed to dogmatism  toward the theory of Marxism. Our Party made mistakes and even  suffered serious setbacks in some historical periods. The most  important cause for that was the guiding ideology of the Party was divorced from Chinese reality at the time. It was after our Party  restored and upheld the ideological line of emancipating the mind  and seeking truth from facts that the Party corrected its mistakes, overcame its setbacks and forged ahead triumphantly by relying on  the strengths of itself and the people. The experience and lessons our Party has in this regard have been reviewed systematically in  its Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of the Party  and Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of the Party  Since the Founding of the People's Republic of China. These are  something that we must never forget. All comrades in the Party  must uphold the scientific principles and spirit of Marxism, put  changes in the right perspective and sum up fresh experience that  people have  gained from practice, so as to constantly enrich and develop the  theory of Marxism.  
Marx, Engels, Lenin and comrades Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping  were all shining examples in integrating theory with practice and  in making theoretical innovations. Marx and Engels carried out  extensive studies of the literature on the theoretical thinking of their predecessors, critically assimilated their theoretical  achievements and came up with their own theories far better than  those of their predecessors. They had thus created a scientific  thinking system for the liberation movement of the proletariat and mankind as a whole. Lenin shed light on the law concerning the  imbalance in the economic and political development in the  capitalist world. He came to the conclusion that the socialist  revolution could succeed first in one or several countries and he  led the October Revolution to victory. Integrating the universal  truth of the fundamental tenets of Marxism-Leninism with the  specific conditions of the Chinese revolution, Comrade Mao Zedong  originated the theory of the new-democratic revolution with which  he guided the Chinese revolution toward victory and led the  Chinese people onto the road to socialism. Comrade Deng Xiaoping  reviewed the negative and positive experience in the development  of socialism in China and abroad and formulated the theory of  building socialism with Chinese characteristics, which has ushered China into a new period of vigorous development of the socialist  cause.
The history of Marxism fully shows that the principle of  emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts leads to great  social progress. As social practice continues to develop, we  should keep renewing our ideas and make innovations courageously  and geniusly in light of practical needs. We should take practice  as the sole criterion for testing truth, subject ourselves to the  guidance of the Party's basic theory, proceed from reality in  everything we do and free ourselves on our own from outdated  notions, practices and systems, from the erroneous and dogmatic  interpretations of Marxism and from the shackles of subjectivism  and metaphysics. We should adopt a scientific approach and make  bold explorations in order that we think and act more in line with the objective reality, China's conditions in the primary stage of  socialism, and the development of the times.  
Our Party has a history of 80 years of endeavor. It has had the great practice of creating and developing Mao Zedong Thought and  Deng Xiaoping Theory. It has historical experience, both positive  and negative and both Chinese and foreign, in developing socialism. We will be able to make fresh contribution to enriching and  developing Marxism as long as we remain in the forefront of the  times, base ourselves on the present practice, try to understand  the characteristics of the times, study major issues of immediate  importance in accordance with the basic theory of Marxism, deepen  our understanding of the laws governing the rule of the country by the Communist Party and the development of socialism and human  society, and draw upon all scientific and new experience, thoughts and achievements.
To meet the requirements of the "Three Represent's," we must  uphold the Party's nature of being the vanguard of the working  class and make sure it remains advanced. At the same time, in  light of economic development and social progress, we must  constantly consolidate the class foundation of the Party, expand  its popular support and increase its social influence.
The Chinese working class is a product of China's social  development, particularly the expansion of large-scale, socialized production since modern times. It has a strong sense of  organization and discipline and is firm and wholehearted for  revolution. The Communist Party of China has identified itself as  a political party of the Chinese working class ever since its  founding and has remained the vanguard of the working class, which has laid a solid class foundation for maintaining its advanced  nature.  
With the development of reform, opening up and modernization,  the working class in China has expanded steadily. The qualities of the working class have improved markedly in terms of their  political awareness, moral standards, scientific and technical and educational level. It has become more progressive. All this has  made the Party's class foundation more solid. With intellectuals  being part of the working class, the scientific, technical and  academic level of the working class has been raised considerably.  Now we have adopted the basic economic system under which public  ownership plays a dominant role in the national economy while  other forms of ownership develop side by side. We are shaping a  socialist market economy and introducing strategic readjustments  to the economic structure. Consequently some workers have changed  their jobs. But this has not changed the status of the Chinese  working class. On the contrary, this will serve to improve the  overall quality of the working class and give play to its  advantages as a group in the long run. The Chinese working class  has always been the basic force for promoting the advanced  productive forces in China. Our Party must remain the vanguard of  the working class and unswervingly and wholeheartedly rely on the  working class.
The main criterion to judge the nature of a political party is  its theory and program. If they are Marxist and represent the  correct orientation of social development and the fundamental  interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, the party is an advanced one and the vanguard of the working class. Our Party  is a product of integration of Marxism-Leninism with the Chinese  workers' movement. The emergence of the working class is an  essential condition for founding the Party. During the period of  democratic revolution, given the social conditions then, most of  our Party members came from peasants and other laborers, quite a  few from intellectuals and some from other revolutionaries of non- laborers' background. But the theory and program of our Party were Marxist and represented the correct orientation of China's social  development. Our Party attached great importance to building up  the Party ideologically and persisted in educating and arming all  Party members with Marxist theory. It required Party members to  join the Party not just organizationally, but first of all  ideologically. It gave them guidance as to how to achieve the  Party's program and tasks. All these enabled the Party to keep its nature of being the vanguard of the working class.  
Since China adopted the policy of reform and opening up, the  composition of China's social strata has changed to some extent.  There are, among others, entrepreneurs and technical personnel  employed by scientific and technical enterprises of the non-public sector, managerial and technical staff employed by foreign-funded  enterprises, the self-employed, private entrepreneurs, employees  in intermediaries and free-lance professionals. Moreover, many  people frequently move from one ownership, sector or place to  another, changing their jobs or capacity from time to time. This  trend of developments will continue. Under the guidance of the  Party's line, principles and policies, most of these people in the new social strata have contributed to the development of  productive forces and other undertakings in a socialist society  through honest labor and work or lawful business operation. They  work together with workers, farmers, intellectuals, cadres and the officers and men of the PLA. They are also working for building  socialism with Chinese characteristics.
To build socialism with Chinese characteristics is a great and  arduous cause. It calls for the worthy people from all sectors who are loyal to the motherland and socialism to take action and lead  other people in pushing forward this cause. The main criteria to  admit a person into the Party are whether he or she works  wholeheartedly for the implementation of the Party's line and  program and meets the requirements for the Party membership. The   basic components and backbone of the Party are those from workers, farmers, intellectuals, servicemen and cadres. At the same time,  it is also necessary to accept those outstanding elements from  other sectors of the society who have subscribed to the Party's  program and Constitution, worked for the Party's line and program  wholeheartedly, and proved to meet the requirements for the Party  membership through a long period of tests. We should try to  enhance the ethical standards and political awareness of our Party members through Party education. This will greatly increase the  influence and cohesiveness of the Party in the society at large.   (more)

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