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Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (4)


Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (4)
2001.07.01 18:04:22  

Strengthening socialist ideological and ethical building  constitutes the essential content of and a key link in developing  China's advanced culture. We must be aware that people will lack  common objective of struggle and reject the accepted code of  conduct if we only stress material gains and money to the neglect  of ideals and morality. We should combine the rule of law with the rule of virtue in order to build a lofty ideological and ethical  foundation for maintaining a good public order and practice. We  should advocate the ideology of patriotism, collectivism and  socialism among all people, combat and resist money worship,  hedonism, ultra-egoism and other decadent ideas, enhance the  Chinese people's national self-esteem, self-confidence, and the  sense of pride, and stimulate them to make unremitting efforts for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The socialist culture has become dominant in China. Because of  the past and present reasons, however, there still exist some  backward cultures in society that have features of superstition,  ignorance, decadence and vulgarity, and even exist some decadent  cultures that corrode people's mental world and jeopardize the  socialist cause. We should remold the backward cultures, prevent  and resolutely resist the corrosion to people by decadent cultures and various erroneous ideological concepts, and gradually reduce  and root out the soil on which they rely to breed, through  improving our policy and system, strengthening education and  management, and transforming social traditions.  
In developing the socialist culture, we must carry on and  develop all the fine cultures, fully reflect the spirit of the  times and creativity, and have the world perspective in a bid to  enhance our inspiring capacity. We should make positive efforts to inherit and develop the fine cultural traditions of the Chinese  nation, the revolutionary cultural traditions formed among the  Party and people since the May 4th Movement (1919), as well as all the advanced civilization achievements mankind has ever created.  With regard to the rich cultural legacies left over from China's  history of several thousand years, we should select the essence  and discard the dross therefrom, and carry forward and develop  them in line with the spirit of the times in order to make the  past serve the present. At the same time, we must, in line with  new practices and requirements of the times and by taking account  of the needs for cultural life of the people, promote cultural  innovations, flourish the advanced culture and attract hundreds of millions of people to rally closely around the great banner of the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.
To always represent the fundamental interests of the  overwhelming majority of the Chinese people, our Party must, in  all kinds of work including Party's theory, line, program,  principle and policy, persevere in taking the fundamental  interests of the people as the starting point and purpose, bring  into full play people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and enable the people to constantly obtain tangible economic,  political and cultural benefits through continuous social  development and progress.
The fundamental difference between our Party and all other  political parties of exploiting classes lies in the fact that the  former serves the people heart and soul, works for the public and  assumes power for the people. At any time, we must continue to  uphold the congruity between respecting the law of social  development and respecting the people's status as the principal  part in history, the agreement between striving for the lofty  ideals and for the fundamental interests of the overwhelming  majority of the people, and the agreement between fulfilling the  Party's various tasks and realizing the people's interests.  
All the endeavors our Party has done over the past 80 years are, in the final analysis, aimed at the interests of the overwhelming  majority of the people. During the revolutionary wartime, our  Party called on all its members to fight bravely and fear no  sacrifice, and advance wave upon wave for the victory of  revolution. After new China was founded, the Party exhorted all  its members to remain modest and prudent, guard against conceit  and impetuosity, and retain the revolutionary spirit of arduous  struggle for good. In the new era, the Party demands that all its  comrades be able to withstand the test of reform, opening-up and  being in power, lead the people to work assiduously for the  realization of socialist modernization. All this is aimed at  continuously accomplishing, safeguarding and developing the  fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people  through always maintaining the Party's blood-and-flesh contacts  with the people.
The general interests of the people are always composed of  specific interests of different circles. All of our policies,  measures and work should correctly reflect the relationships of  various interests and help properly handle them, and we should  take into consideration and look after the interests of the people
from different social strata and circles. However, what is the  most important is to give top priority to and satisfy the  interests and demands of the overwhelming majority of the people.  This has always been vital to the overall interests of keeping the
Party in power, the country's economic, political and cultural  development, and the unity among the people of different ethnic  groups and social stability. The interests of the overwhelming  majority of the people are the vital and most decisive factor.  This is a fundamental viewpoint of Marxism and leading organs and  cadres at different levels must fully realize and earnestly  practice it.
Our party has always adhered to the principle of putting the  interests of the people above everything else. Apart from the  interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, the Party  does not have any special interests of its own. All the Party's  work must take the fundamental interests of the overwhelming  majority of the people as the supreme criteria. All comrades in  the Party should always uphold the basic viewpoint that they  should do everything for the people and by relying on the people.  We should adhere to the mass line of the Party by going down to  the people at the grass-roots level to hear their voices, reflect  their will and pool their wisdom, so that make all policy  decisions thus made and our work conform to the reality and the  demands of the masses. All cadres who are Party members must  properly assume and exercise the power truly on behalf of the  people, and in no way should they be allowed to abuse power for  personal gains or form any vested interest groups. In gradually  realizing the common prosperity of the people across the country,  cadres who are Party members must correctly handle the  relationships between becoming well-off early and late, and  between individual and common prosperity. All leading Party cadres should be the first to concern about the country and the people  and the last to enjoy life; be the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy themselves; support and help others first instead of only thinking about how to get rich themselves, let alone seeking  unlawful interests by abusing power. Leading cadres at all levels  should always keep in mind the safety and well-being of the masses, show concern for the sufferings of the masses, and try hard to do  useful and good things for the masses. Leading organs and leading  cadres at all levels should pay particular attention to those who  have encountered temporary difficulties in their work and life,  and make proper arrangements for their employment and life by  listing their  problems on the top of the agenda for special consideration and  solution. Only by making substantial efforts to take care of and  serve the masses well, can we maintain the blood-and-flesh links  with the people and remain invincible.
Representing the requirements of the development trend of China 's advanced productive forces, representing the orientation of  China's advanced culture and representing the fundamental  interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people are  interrelated and interact and constitute an integral whole. To  develop advanced productive forces is a basic condition for  developing advanced culture and realizing the fundamental  interests of the people. The people are the main body to create  advanced productive forces and culture as well as the fundamental  force to realize their own interests. To ceaselessly develop  advanced productive forces and culture is, in the final analysis,  aimed at meeting the growing material and cultural needs of the  people and continuously realizing the fundamental interests of the people.
The requirements of the "Three Represent's" are the basic  requirements for our Party to maintain its advanced nature and  always remain the strong leading core in building socialism with  Chinese characteristics. It is in conformity with the Party's  upholding of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng  Xiaoping Theory, adherence to its nature of being the vanguard of  the working class, and its purpose of serving the people  wholeheartedly. All comrades in the Party must unswervingly  implement the requirements of the "Three Represent's" in all  aspects of the Party building and in the entire process of the  Party leading the people in the reform, opening-up and  modernization drive.  

III. To strengthen and improve the Party building in accordance with the requirements of the "Three Represent's"
To get the 1.2 billion and more people to march toward the  target of socialist modernization in a large and multi-ethnic  developing country like ours, it is a must to have the strong  leadership of the Communist Party of China. Otherwise, the country will fall into a mess and break up. It will not only fail to  realize its modernization but also sink into a chaotic abyss. This is a conclusion drawn by reviewing the modern history of China's  development and after analyzing the experiences and lessons of  many countries in their development course.
To uphold the Party's leadership calls for improving its  leadership. We must follow the basic theory and line of the Party, and strengthen and improve the Party building in an overall and  profound manner and in accordance with the requirements of the " Three Represent's". This will enable our Party to be in the  forefront of the historical process in which profound changes are  taking place in the international situation, to maintain its role  as the mainstay of the people of the whole country in the  historical process facing up to all kinds of risks and tests at  home and abroad, and to remain the strong leading core in the  historical process of building socialism with Chinese  characteristics.
After 80 years of development, great changes have taken place  in the contingent of the Party members, their status and  environment, and the tasks of the Party. Our Party has evolved  from one that led the people in the fight for seizing the power  nationwide to one that has led the people in exercising the state  power and to a party in power for a long period of time. It has  developed from one that led the national reconstruction under  external blockade to one going for all-round reform and opening-up. The number of new Party members has increased by a big margin,  while cadres of a younger generation have been replacing the older ones, and a large number of young cadres have taken leading  positions. This has injected new vitality in and given new  challenges, as well, to the growth of the Party.  (More)

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