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Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (3)


Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (3)
2001.07.01 17:51:53  

As the vanguard of the working class, our Party emerged in the historical  arena as the representative of China's advanced productive forces at its  very inception. The purpose of the new democratic revolution led by our  Party was to abrogate the privileges of imperialism in China, eliminate  exploitation and oppression by the landlord class and the bureaucrat-capitalist  class , change the comprador feudal production relations and the rotten  political superstructure rooted in such economic base , establish a new  political superstructure with the people's democratic dictatorship as  the core and release from the roots the fettered productive forces. After  the founding of New China , we carried out socialist transformation of  agriculture , handicraft industry and the capitalist industry and commerce  in order to establish the socialist relations of production , and, on  that economic base, bring the socialist superstructure to perfection  so as to further release and develop productive forces. It is for the  same purpose that we have since the Third Plenum of the 11th Party Central  Committee carried out reforms and opening up policies to adjust and reform  the part of the socialist relations of production that is incompatible  with the demand of the development of the productive forces and to adjust  and reform the part of socialist superstructure that is incompatible with  the economic base. Over the past twenty-plus years, we have made bold  explorations and practice and pushed forward the reforms in economic and  political structures and other areas and greatly released and developed  the country's social productive forces, bringing about tremendous changes  in the national economic development and social progress. The fundamental  task of socialism is to develop productive forces , enhance the comprehensive  national strength of our socialist country and improve the people' s living  standards and in this way reflect the superiority of socialism over capitalism.  In all historical stages of the socialist society , it is necessary to  make the socialist system improve and develop itself through reforms in  line with the demand of the economic and social development. Only by so  doing , is it possible to make the socialist system filled with vigor  and vitality. All comrades in the Party should firmly implant in mind  this basic viewpoint and awareness on socialist reform and development.
The development of human society is a historical process of advanced  productive forces replacing the backward ones. Socialist modernization  must be built on the basis of developed productive forces. Our purpose  of realizing modernization is , fundamentally, to obtain developed productive  forces through reforms and development. All comrades in the Party , no  matter what posts they are in , should check and review their work regularly  to see whether it conforms to the requirements of the development of advanced  productive forces. If it does , hold on to it without wavering. If it  does not, correct it where necessary. Only by doing so , is it possible  for Communists to give a full expression to their advanced nature and  to the spirit of the times.
Man is the most decisive factor in productive forces. The Chinese  working class , including intellectuals, is the basic force that pushes  the advanced productive forces forward in China. The peasant class and  other laboring people , closely united with the working class, constitute  a major force that pushes the country's productive forces forward. To  raise the ideological and ethical standards and scientific and cultural  levels of the workers , peasants , intellectuals and other laboring  people and the entire population and improve their labor skills and creativity  and give full scope to their enthusiasm , initiative and creative power  - these should remain the tasks of primary importance that our Party should  perform in representing China's advanced productive forces.
Science and technology are the primary productive forces and a concentrated  expression and a hallmark of advanced productive forces. The rapid progress  in science and technology has given a powerful shove-ahead to the productive  forces of the world and the economic and social development of humanity.  The future development of science and technology will result in new and  major leaps. We must quickly and accurately come to grip with this objective  trend and give play to the superiority of China's socialist system and  combine it with the mastering , application and development of advanced  science and technology so as to make big progress in science and technology  and innovation, use advanced science and technology to transform and  upgrade the national economy and achieve a leap-frog expansion of our  productive forces. This , too, is an important duty our Party should  perform in representing the requirements of the development of productive  forces.
Although we have made tremendous achievements in socialist modernization,  the productive forces in China have generally remained underdeveloped  as China is still at the primary stage of socialism and it has a large  population, a weak foundation and uneven economic and cultural development.  To release and develop our productive forces will remain our central task  for a long period of time to come. We must develop the advanced productive  forces without letup. As to some existing backward modes of production  that do not go along with the requirements of the development of advanced  productive forces and the development of the times, we can not repel  them summarily and unrealistically; nor should we take the attitude of  being contented with what the things are and protecting what is backward.  Instead , we should be realistic and prepare the conditions for transforming,  improving and upgrading them and, through long-time efforts, gradually  make them advanced and applicable.
We must , under the guidance of the Party's basic theories , basic  line and basic program, stick to and improve the basic economic system  with public ownership as the main body and the common development of multiple  sectors ; we must persist in and improve the socialist market system  ; we must hold on to and improve the multiple ways of distribution with  the distribution of "to each according to work done" as the main distribution  modality; we must continue to improve our opening-up program ; we must  hold on to and improve the people's democratic dictatorship led by the  working class and based on worker-peasant alliance; we must hold on to  and improve the people's congress system and multi-party cooperation and  political consultation led by the Communist Party and the system of regional  autonomy of minority nationalities while actively and steadily promoting  the reform of the political structure to further expand socialist democracy,  rule the country by law and build a socialist state under the rule of  law. Through unremitting efforts, we shall constantly improve the socialist  relations of production and superstructure and open up a broader thoroughfare  for the release and development of productive forces.
To make our Party forever represent the orientation of the development  of China's advanced culture is to make the Party's theory , line , program,  principles, policies and all its work reflect the requirements of the  national, scientific and popular socialist culture that develops toward  modernization , the world and the future , enable them to upgrade the  ideological and ethical qualities and scientific and cultural qualities  of the whole nation and to provide the motive power and support culturally  and intellectually.
Socialist society is a society for the development and progress in  all areas of endeavor. The socialist modernization is an undertaking that  features mutual supplementation and harmonious development of material  civilization and spiritual civilization. The comrades of the whole Party  must have a comprehensive mastery of the dialectical relations between  the two civilizations and while promoting material civilization , it  is necessary to promote socialist spiritual civilization. In contemporary  China , to develop advanced culture is to develop culture with distinct  Chinese characteristics and to build socialist spiritual civilization.
We should have a firm grip on the development trend and requirements  of China's advanced culture. We must persist in taking Marxism-Leninism,  Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guide, base ourselves  on the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, fix  our attention on the frontline of the development of the world's science  and culture , develop healthy, progressive, rich and colorful socialist  culture with Chinese styles and characteristics to meet the increasing  demands of the people , and direct the people to get mentally equipped  and upgraded with correct ideas. That is also the fundamental expression  and requirement for our Party to remain in the forefront of the times  and maintain its advanced nature.
The kind of cultural orientation a political party follows and the  kind of culture it promotes constitute the party's ideological and spiritual  banner. Over the past 80 years, our Party has held high the marching  banner of China's advanced culture, worked hard to build and carry forward  the new culture that reflects the requirements of revolution, construction  and reform, and cleaned up the old decadent and dying culture which was  left over from the old society and infiltrated into China from abroad.  As a result , the cadres and masses have been emancipated and encouraged  ideologically and mentally, and a correct guiding ideology and a common  ideal have taken shape among the whole Party and the people throughout  the country to rally popular feeling and unify public wills.
The fundamental task for developing the socialist culture lies in  cultivating citizens from generation to generation who have lofty ideals,  moral integrity , a better education and a good sense of discipline.  We should persevere in arming the people with scientific theories , guiding  the people with correct public opinions , molding the people with noble  minds , and inspiring the people with superior works. We must stick to  and consolidate the guiding status of Marxism , help people build up  the correct outlook on the world and life and values, have firm belief  in Marxism and socialism, increase confidence in the reform, opening-  up and modernization drive, strengthen trust in the Party and the government,  and increase the awareness about self-reliance, competition, efficiency,  and democracy and the rule of law , as well as the pioneering and innovation  spirit. We should continue to implement the strategy of invigorating the  country through science and education , further popularize education ,  enhance its quality and level of the whole society, and make greater  efforts to develop scientific and cultural undertakings. We should double  our efforts to publicize scientific knowledge , scientific approaches,  scientific thinking , and scientific spirit. A vital principle we must  follow in developing China's advanced culture is to emphasize the central  theme of the socialist culture, persevere in serving the people and socialism,  and let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend.  We should master and develop various kinds of modern communication means  and promote the spreading of the advanced culture.(More)  

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