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Full Text of Jiang's Speech at CPC Anniversary Gathering (2)


 We cherish dearly the memory of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai , Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun and other late proletarian revolutionaries  of the older generation who made great contributions to China's revolution, construction and reforms and to the founding, consolidation and development  of the Communist Party of China. We cherish dearly the memory of the revolutionary  martyrs who sacrificed their lives heroically for the sake of founding, defending and building New China. We cherish dearly the memory of all  the pioneers who fought for the independence and liberation of the Chinese  nation in modern times. Their meritorious deeds for the motherland will  ever be remembered in the annuals of history!
 The people are the true makers of history. On behalf of the Central  Committee of the Communist Party of China , I would like to extend my  salute to the broad masses of the workers , peasants ,intellectuals , all democratic parties, people's organizations and patriotic personages  in all walks of life; and to the People's Liberation Army, the armed  police and officers and men of the public security forces throughout the  country ; my cordial greetings to compatriots in the Hong Kong Special  Administrative Region , the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan  as well as all overseas Chinese ; and my heartfelt thanks to the people  and friends in all the countries who live on good terms with us , care  for and support China's revolution, construction and reforms !
 The 80 years of the Communist Party of China are 80 years of constant  pursuit for truth and pioneering and creation by integrating Marxism-Leninism  with China's practice ; they are 80 years of ceaseless and unremitting  hard struggle for the liberation of the nation, the prosperity of the  country and the happiness of the people ; and they are 80 years of withstanding  endless tests and growing steadily in strength in the course of accomplishing  the historical missions.
 The practice of the eighty years tells us that it is imperative to  always persist in integrating the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism  with the specific situation in China, persist in taking scientific theories  as the guide and unswervingly follow our own road. This is the most essential  experience we have drawn from the summing up of our Party's history. Marxism  is a powerful ideological weapon for us to understand and transform the  world ;it serves as a guide to action in our revolution, construction  and reforms. Marxism is not a dogma. Only by being correctly applied and  constantly developed in practice, does it exhibit great vitality. The  first generation of the collective leadership of the Party Central Committee  with Comrade Mao Zedong at the core and the second generation of the collective  leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Deng Xiaoping at  the core led our Party in persisting in closely combining the basic principles  of Marxism-Leninism with China's concrete practice, resulting in the  formation of Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory. The two great  theoretical achievements constitute Marxism that have been localized in  China , embodying both the basic principles of Marxism- Leninism and  the splendid thoughts of the Chinese nation and the practical experiences  of the Chinese communists. It is exactly because we have had Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guide, is it possible  for our Party to lead the people in overcoming all hardships and setbacks  and winning one victory after another. As the great crystallization of  the practical experiences and collective wisdom of the Party and people ,Deng Xiaoping Theory is the best continuation and creative development  of Mao Zedong Thought under the new historical conditions. It has made  major contributions to creating a completely new situation in China's  cause of socialism. Holding high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, all the comrades in the Party are continuing to study new situations and  resolve new problems, working to promote creatively and in an all-round  manner the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.  The key to upholding Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought in the new  historical period lies in persistent use of Deng Xiaoping Theory to observe  the present-day world and contemporary China, incessantly sum up practical  experience and generalize it in the new theoretical light and open up  new ways forward.
 The practice of the eighty years tells us that it is essential to  always rely firmly on the masses of the people, sincerely work for the  interests of the people and draw inexhaustible strength from the masses  of the people on the road of advance. Maintaining the flesh-and-blood  ties with the masses of the people is the fundamental guarantee for our  Party to overcome difficulties and risks and make continuous success in  our cause. In no time and under no circumstances, can the stand of sharing  the common fate with the masses of the people be changed, the purpose  of serving the people wholeheartedly be forgotten , and the viewpoint  of historical materialism that the people are the real heroes be discarded.  We must always take what reflects the will and interests of the people  as both our starting point and end point in all work we do; we must always  take reliance on the wisdom and strength of the people as the basic line  of work in promoting our cause.
 The practice of the eighty years also teaches us that we must always  consciously strengthen and improve Party building ,continuously enhance  the creativity, rallying power and combat capability of the Party, and  always maintain the vigor and vitality of the Party. If we are to do China's  affairs well, the key lies in our Party. We must make incessant efforts  to strengthen Party building in close conjunction with the development  of the situation and the Party's central tasks. We must be good at summing  up experience , uphold the truth , correct mistakes and be modest and  prudent. We must have the courage to face up the problems existing in  the ranks of Party members and cadres and resolve them by relying on all  Party members and the masses of the people. This is where the vigor and  vitality of the Party lies. We must continue to forge ahead with the new  great project of Party building centering round the basic issue of what  kind of Party to build and how under the new historical conditions so  as to further revolve the two major historic subjects of enhancing the  abilities of administration and art of leadership and resisting corruption, guarding against degeneration and warding off risks.
 Reviewing the course of struggle and the basic experience over the  past 80 years and looking into the arduous tasks and bright future in  the new century , our Party should continue to stand in the forefront  of the times and lead the people in marching from victory to victory.  In a word , we must always represent the development trend of China's  advanced productive forces, the orientation of China's advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people  in China(hereafter referred to as "Three Represent's")。

 II. Correctly understand and fulfill the requirements of the " Three  Represent's" in an all-round way
 In the new century, the great historical tasks for our Party are  to continue the modernization drive , accomplish the great cause of the  reunification of our motherland , safeguard world peace and promote common  development. Facing the profound changes in the domestic and international  situations, our Party should follow closely the progressive trends of  the world and unite and lead people of all ethnic groups throughout the  country in seizing the opportunities and taking up challenges to accomplish  the three major historical tasks successfully. To this end, we must unswervingly  fulfill the requirements of the "Three Represent's". The "Three Represent's"  are the foundation underlying all our efforts to build the Party, the  cornerstone for exercising political power and a source of strength of  our Party. They are also the fundamental requirements for us to push Party  building in an all-round way in the new century , constantly bring forth  new ideas in theories , institutions and science and technology, and  win fresh victories in building socialism with Chinese characteristics.
 In order to remain a representative of the requirements of the development  of China's advanced productive forces , it is necessary to bring the  Party's theory, line , program, principles , policies and all work  into line with the law governing the development of productive forces , make them reflect what is required in promoting the release and development  of social productive forces ,especially in the development of advanced  productive forces so that the living standards of the people improve steadily  through the development of productive forces.
 Productive forces are the most dynamic and the most revolutionary  factor. It is also the ultimate decisive force of social development.  The contradictions between productive forces and the relations of production  and between economic base and superstructure constitute the basic social  contradiction. The movement of this basic contradiction determines the  direction of the changes in the nature of society and the direction of  social,economic, political and cultural development. The fundamental  difference between socialism and capitalism lies in the difference between  their relations of production and superstructures. The establishment and  constant improvement of the socialist system has opened up a broad road  for the release and development of our country's social productive forces.  All relations of production and superstructures , irrespective of their  nature, develop with the development of productive forces. If they fail  to keep up with the requirement of the development of productive forces  and have thus become obstacles to the development of productive forces  and social progress , readjustments and changes are sure to take place.  To be sensitive to and quickly come to grip with the development trend  and requirements of our country's productive forces and take practicable  steps to promote the constant development of the advanced productive forces  by taking economic development as the central task and by formulating  and implementing correct lines,principles and policies these are the  fundamental expression and fundamental requirements for our Party to stand  in the forefront of the times and maintain its advanced nature. (More)  

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