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President Jiang Zemin on China's WTO Entry


   Chinese President Jiang Zemin said on November 11 in Guangzhou that China, as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), will strike a carefully-thought-out balance between honoring its commitments and enjoying its rights.
   Jiang made the remarks during an inspection tour of Nanhai, in Guangdong Province, south China.  
   The president said that during the process of economic globalization, the economic and technical cooperation of a country with other parts of the world can be expanded advantageously only after the country establishes an economic and trade administrative
system adaptable to internationally accepted norms and in line with the country's actual conditions.
   Jiang said China's WTO membership brings hard-won opportunity while constituting considerable challenge for the country.
   The world trade body unanimously adopted a decision on China's accession to the WTO on November 10 at its ministerial conference in Doha of Qatar.

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