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Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministers Talk on Phone


On the night of  May 9, 2003, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov held consultations via telephone at the latter's request on the Iraq issue.

Li said that this marks the 58th anniversary of Victory Day over Nazi Germany in World War II, and he extends congratulations to the Russian people. Ivanov thanked Li for the congratulatory message, noting that it is a cause for celebration for peace-loving people across the world.

Ivanov briefed Li on Russia's opinion of the draft resolution on Iraq that the United States and other nations will submit to the United Nations Security Council, saying the United Nations should play an important role on this significant issue. Russia stands ready to keep consultations with China so as to make constructive efforts towards the solution of the Iraq issue.

Li said the Iraq issue has entered a new stage and China shares quite a few common views with Russia on the issue. Permanent UN representatives from the two nations can continue consultations in order to seek the proper solution to the issue, while maintaining consultations with other members of the Security Council.

The two ministers also exchanged views on the situation in South Asia and on China's fight against severe acute respiratory syndrome.

(from www.fmprc.gov.cn)

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